Bengaluru - Manpho Convention Center, Indien

Veranstaltungsort Adresse: Nr. 90/6, Service Road Veeranapalya, Off Nagavara Outer Ring Road, neben Manyata Tech Park, Opp BEL Corporate Office, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560045, Indien
Bengaluru - Manpho Convention Center, Indien

Bengaluru - Manpho Convention Center, Indien

Manpho - Kongresszentrum

Near Manyata Tech Park, off Hebbal K.R.Puram Ring Road BEL Corp office
3 km from Hebbal Fly Over
20 km from Intl Airport
11 km to Bangalore CBD
- In Between Manyata and Karle Tech Park.

Manpho Convention Centre, No.90, Veeranapalya, Nagwara Ring Road,.

Ungefähr 3 Morgen (Teil der größeren Entwicklung von 4 Morgen 39 Guntas).

Manyata Tech Park (Philips Software), Opp. BEL Corporate Office
Lumbini Gardens (Lake), Karle Town Center, and SEZ
Ramaiah North City\t.

Ground - 29115
First - 29535
Zweite - 29115
Terrace - 29000.

Ground Floor - 4.42mtrs (floored to ceiling).
1.80 mtrs Floor to Ceiling.

500 KVA. The tap-off boxes on the floors will provide power. Fit-out will include additional cabling and sub-panels.
Tithe Lights Every Day.

250 KVA Generator-Notstrom wird an den Abgangskästen in den jeweiligen Stockwerken zur Verfügung stehen. Mehrere Generatoren werden über AMF-Einrichtungen verfügen.

Comfort office AC (high side) will be available at 1 TR per 320 sq.ft.
Maintain temperature at 24C 2C for approximately 24 hours AC's low-side.
Include AHUs, AC panel boards and electrical wiring
Fit-out will cover all aspects of the project. Precision AC for server/lab,
They will not be delivered.

Ein (1) Personenaufzug, ein (1) Lastenaufzug (1000 kg Kapazität).


2. Hitech Electrical Enterprises - Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire
Sukant Nayak & Co.

4. Innen-/Landschaftsbau: M/s. Padmanabha-Agenturen.